Sunday, December 09, 2007

The puffer folk

I’ve been noticing some stuff in the news lately about those who smoke, whereby they are beginning to feel as though they are some sort of oppressed people. Some of them believe their rights are being infringed and they are being treated like second class citizens. Butts (or ciggies, or darts, or cancer-sticks, or coffin-nails, or fags, or any of the other wacky names they come up with for their addiction) are legal and if someone wants to poison themselves as well as their children, so be it. You go right ahead. As long as the government is pulling in tons of money in taxes on the product and as long as you die before you cost the health-care system too much it will remain legal so fly at it. Just, how about out of common courtesy, you keep that smelly crap away from me?

I know, I have heard from the oppressed about how non and former smokers (your humble servant, sir) are being unreasonable. They all remember how it was back in the “good old days” when your average nicotine addict was allowed and even encouraged to puff away in restraunts, theaters, during surgery and while filling their car gas-tanks. But now, with the anti-smoking crusades in full swing and health-nuts and anti-smoking Nazis hiding behind every corner they have to go outside into the fresh air to get their hit. To their minds, this is just not right.

My perspective is that I don’t allow my dog to pee on people, not even smokers. As far as the smokers go, this is an urge I fight constantly. I mean, they smell already so what is a little dog pee going to matter? Never-the-less, I do fight that urge and my dog is forced to hold it until we come to a fire-hydrant or a televangelist. So here’s the deal: smokers, just keep the stink of your addiction to yourself, and I will continue to stop my dog from peeing on you. Now you can’t say fairer than that, can you?

Anyway… Humouroceros


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