Monday, November 19, 2007

They use computers, don't they?

I've been ordering things online for a while now, and everything has gone just fine. Things I order (books, CDs, DVDs) have all arrived as described and in a timely manner. I think the longest I have had to wait is about three weeks, which is fine. Last July (July 27, 2007, actually) I ordered a DVD set of a TV series I watched way back in the 70s (the 1970s) called UFO. It's a live action series by the same people who did The Thunderbirds, and although it may be a little cheezy it is still just good, clean fun. But I digress.

When I ordered, the web-site, which I have ordered from before and since with no problems, said that it would be five to six weeks before shipping. Okay, I figured, that's a bit of a wait, but not too bad. After a six week wait I got an e-mail from the company saying there was a problem with the order and it would not ship for another four weeks or so. That was fine, I was in no particular hurry. But just to be a wiener I went back to the site and checked, and the UFO megaseries was still there, with a five to six week shipping date on it. Curious.

In October, after the four week wait, I got another e-mail saying that the series wasn't available but that I would be notified when it became available. Then I began to wonder. What happened between my initial order in July and October? I had assumed at the time that the five to six week wait until shipping was because the site I ordered from was ordering from another site, and the time was the combination of both of their shipping times. When it finally came up as unavailable I wondered if any of these people use computers in their business's. Locally there are a couple of stores that before I go to buy something specific I can go to the company web-site, use the store locater to find the local store and then check to see if they have what I want in stock. Canadian Tire has an excellent system and so does Chapters/Indigo. But for an online store not to know what they have available is really weird.

Anyway... Humouroceros


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