Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Tough-guy George

I was YouTubing yesterday and as usual I looked up anything to do with Henry Rollins because you never know, something new might come up and he always has something to say. There was a video he made of a speaking tour show in Israel and the clip is called "Ember Of Rage" (and can be seen at ). He talks about meeting a wounded US soldier. A young man who had a traumatic head wound and who had had 40% of his brain removed.

It got me to thinking (and not for the first time) about all the young soldiers who have been catastrophically wounded since the Iraq war started. Young men and women who's lives have been changed forever by being put in harms way by pampered rich men who have never in their lives seen a gun fired in anger. I don't care if these people volunteered for the armed services. This is an honourable and brave thing to do and was most likely done with the belief that they would not be sent to fight in a vanity war by little men who had not had the nerve to fight for their country themselves. Besides, nobody had ever volunteered to be burned beyond recognition, to lose and arm or a leg, or to have 40% of their brain removed (and what an un-Christian thought it would be to say something creepy like, "those are the risks").

President George W Bush saying, "Bring it on." Could there be anything more nauseating? And while he is enjoying a White House meal served on fine china, young Americans are being wounded and dying in a needless war. Good one, George, but I'm curious. George, as a good Christian, how do you sleep at night?

Anyway... Humouroceros

Tough-guy George


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