Friday, November 23, 2007


I remember years ago seeing on the news this story about how some places, in order to kid glove some kids self-esteem, would make sure that there were no losers in "sports" events. If you goofed around on the field, you got a trophy. If you didn't know your right from your left, you got a trophy. Basiclly, as long as you showed up, you got a trophy (and it wouldn't even surprise me to find out that even the kids who didn't show up got a trophy because you don't want to leave anybody out now, do you?) No effort required.

How nice. As I understand it the purpose was to show kids that we are all winners, and gosh, isn't that sunny day nice. Well that's all fine but I suspect that all those trophies have been tossed by now because not one of them had any real value. Nobody had to earn them. They were paid for, not won. I guess it's an okay philosophy for three-year-olds, but it doesn't hold water much past that.

I was just imagining these kids all these years later and somehow one of them has made it to the Olympics. Here's the 100-yard dash and our self-esteem-full hero is pulling cartwheels and jerking around while the real athletes are racing down the track. And then he complains because he should get to stand on the podium and receive a pretty medal like the other guys do. Then he has a total melt-down in front of the world's media. Now that's not a pretty picture no matter what kind of camera you use.

Anyway... Humouroceros


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