Friday, July 21, 2006

Time magazine

An unfortunate use of assault rifles
The Time Magazine dated July 24, 2006, has a cover story regarding the ongoing current situation in Lebanon. The story itself is the usual fine bit of unbiased reportage (although I am sure that there are extremists on each side who would disagree with that statement), but it the cover photo of the magazine that I am concerned with here.

As you can see, as a photographic illustration of the continuing middle-east strife, two rifles (a Russian built AK-47 7.62mm and a US built M-16A2 .22 caliber) have somehow had their barrels tied one to the other. I don’t so much find the image disturbing as I do find the destruction of these two fine weapons for the purposes of a newsmagazine cover disturbing.

Consider, if you will. These two fine assault rifles, which formerly could have been used on the international stage to fight terrorists, or on the domestic scene for home defense or to bust caps at a rival gang member, are now scrap metal. I am the first to admit that I know nothing about guns other than the fact that they make a lot of noise and are damn annoying when pointed at you, but I suspect that once a barrel is twisted like that, you don’t untwist it. Yep, these babies are only fit for that big metal grinder in the sky. Such a waste.

So, to Time Magazine and all the other newsmagazines out there, please. Please think before you do these kinds of things. There are folks out there who want assault rifles and who can’t get hold of them. Think of these poor folks. Thank you for listening.
Anyway… Humouroceros


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