Thursday, July 13, 2006

Did you know...? 2

The book mark was created in 1460 by Gunter Gutenberg, the eldest son of Johann Gutenberg who had invented the first movable type printing press. It is called a book mark because the first one was fashioned from a German one mark bank note.

King Arthur's round table was actually more of an oval.

South of the equator the hands of a clock are called it's feet.

When the Titanic sank, over fifty percent of the first class tickets had not yet been paid for in full. The final lawsuit in this matter was settled in 1952, with the victory going to the plaintiff.

When a light bulb burns out, at the moment of 'final flash', for one Pico-second the filament reaches the temperature of the surface of the sun.

If you fold a sheet of paper in two, it doesn't actually get smaller. It's just folded in half.

If Mount Everest were sunk in the deepest part of the Earth's Atlantic ocean, it would still stick out of the water almost five and one half miles.

The word 'library' comes from the Latin 'Libre arie', which means 'free chickens'. To many Romans the writing on the scrolls stored in 'Readium' (reading rooms) looked like the marks made by chickens with ink on their feet.

The first person to say, 'It's Greek to me' was actually talking about the Chinese.

The skin of a rhinoceros is quite thin and if you scrape one it will probably stomp the living heck out of you.

During the Cultural Revolution in China in the 1960s the Red Guard tried to force traffic to go on red, and to stop on green.

Scientists now believe that the first domesticated animal was not the dog, but more probably was a sheep or a pig.

The first bowling trophy was won by Morris Ogilvy in Cincinnati in 1912.

There are one hundred and eighty six different varieties of penguin, ranging in size from the very tiny shrew penguin (1/2“ - 3/4”) up to the lumbering dogwood penguin (6' - 6' 7 1/2“). Scientists believe that in prehistoric times there were cave penguins that were even larger. There is no evidence to back this up however.

Generally speaking, a duck would rather be a hammer than a nail.

Frank 'Slugger' Lange of the New York Rangers (1957 - 1964) could swing a baseball bat so fast that it is estimated that the bat's tip was traveling ten times the speed of sound.

The first computer (Univac) was so large that several technicians became lost inside it and were never seen again.

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