Saturday, June 24, 2006

H.S.O.I.E. 2

John, I feel your pain. Seven suspected homegrown Islamic extremists found in your own great country and accused of wanting to kill devils and destroy the Sears Tower. And not guys who were imported from Canada or some other hotbed of Islamic extremism either. These guys were 'apple pie (you should excuse the term) Yanks' like yourself! Shocking. But listen close, John, because I think I have some decent advise for you; Don't dwell on it. Allow me to explain my reasoning.

You have a fair sized country down there, and that's not even counting Hawaii or Alaska. You also have a whole bunch more people than we do in Canada, like ten times as many (by the way, did you notice that that puts you at about .70 on the Hostettler Scale Of Islamic Extremism, in relation to Canada? That's not even a one!) How can anybody reasonably expect your security services to keep an eye on everybody all the time? It's ridiculous. Besides, these folks were caught before they had a chance to do anything other than shoot their mouths off. I know, the ones in Canada were caught too but consider; there were seventeen of them within a smaller population base and you had seven in a larger population base. A way more difficult proposition.

I've heard comparisons to the Mad Cow thing where Canada checks way more per capita than you do in the US. Well that's ridiculous too! Most cows are not extremists so I don't see the comparison. Besides like people you have way more cows so of course the occational nutty one is going to get through. You're doing your best and I respect that. To hold your great country to the same standard that you hold the rest of the world is just not reasonable.

Don't worry about it, John. You people are doing your best and we can all see that you're doing your best. It's like a guy out at work says all the time; you just keep on keeping on. I've got your back so you go, guy.

Anyway... Humouroceros


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