Thursday, September 21, 2006

A digital Enterprise

The folks at Star Trek industries have announced that as this is the 40th anniversary of the beginning of Star Trek all of the original series shows will be digitally remastered for a Fall 2006 release. The special effects, which were state-of-the-art at the time but which look a little dated to the modern eye, are all going to be redone through the digital magic of Computer Generated Imagery (CGI) and it has been implied that some ships mentioned by name but never shown may now be seen. The original music is being rerecorded as it was back in the day, and the entire look of the show is being upgraded. I figure that as long as the original design of the show is not changed, then go for it.

Personally I think it would be cool to see things only previously described on the show. The Federation and Klingon fleets facing off in the episode Errand Of Mercy, or the battle between the Enterprise and four other Constitution Class starships (one of which is destroyed) in the episode The Ultimate Computer. The various other ships named but never seen during the series because of a limited budget. It’s all good. You can go to to read more and to see video of what they’re doing.

Generally I am not a fan of people changing movies or TV shows. Those people who colourized movies that were, and should be, in black and white should all be dipped in tar and lightly dusted with feathers before being run out of town on a rail (and whoever it is that colourized the 1951 version of A Christmas Carol [AKA: Scrooge] starring Alastair Sim should have a large tinfoil log shoved into whichever orifice would cause them the greatest discomfort. And while I’m on this little rant, God help anyone who ever dares to touch To Kill A Mockingbird with Gregory Peck.) However I do like what George Lucas has done with the original trilogy of Star Wars. But since Star Wars is his original vision, he had the right.

A good example of where digitalizing do-gooders should have left well enough alone is the British science-fiction series Red Dwarf. True, some of what they did is just fine; new star fields, some new vehicles, and some new holographic effects for the holographic character named Rimmer. But then they went too far and they did change how the ship looks, taking a squant little blob of a ship built into an asteroid and making it into a boxily sleek sort of ship that just doesn’t fit in with the original concept of the show. I understand that in the greater scheme of things this doesn’t matter, but they still shouldn’t have done it.

Anyway… Humouroceros

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