Friday, September 01, 2006

Van Impes

For those who are in the know yet don’t follow the crazies on the ultra-“religious” right, “Drs” Jack and Rexella Van Impe are a pair of the more annoyingly dangerous evangelicals out there contaminating the word of God. For years Jack has posted his misinterpretations of the Bible on the Internet (making the entimological connection between the words ‘Bible’ and ‘babel’ even more interesting, if you define interesting as ‘not very interesting at all’) and now due to the advent of Women’s Lib he has allowed his spouse, Rexella, to add her two-bits. Here is the beginning of a recent one from Rexella; “On the closing night of our citywide crusade in Rochester, New York, I went down front after the service to greet people, sign Bibles, and just enjoy a time of fellowship with our friends there” (italics mine).

Hmm, I thought to myself as I read this. As completely out of the loop as I tend to be it does seem to me that at one time the only person who would sign a book was the person who wrote it. I admit that I may have missed it but I don’t remember hearing about Stephen King and Robert Graves arm wrestling over who got to sign To Kill A Mockingbird (which as we all know was written by Harper Lee). Is this something new, or is it just something from the ever more messed-up-ed-ness world of the televangelist? I wonder if when these people are popping and hissing like big globs of bacon as they burn in one of the deeper pits of Hell whether it is going to occur to them that perhaps the way they behaved here on earth wasn’t quite proper? I have to admit that as long as they are popping and hissing, I don’t care.

Anyway… Humouroceros

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