Wednesday, June 21, 2006

Did you know...?

Most dinosaurs were not able to walk or move backwards. Many dinosaur fossils have been found facing sheer cliffs. Scientists believe that dinosaurs would walk into the cliff and then they would stand there, unable to back away, until they starved to death.

Penquins don't have livers.

A carpet will take longer to roll if you start at a corner rather than at the edge.

The hard center of a golf ball, if unraveled, would stretch for seventy five miles, but if you were to unwind a standard 120 video tape it would reach from New York to Yonkers.

If all the ships sunk during World War II were converted into butter knives, everybody on earth could have their own butter knife.

Ear wax candles are the only candles allowed in the Imperial Palace in Sun City, South Africa.

Hermann's Revenge, the Independant Llamas of Bolivia top trophy holder llama from the Bormann Stables in Grunstadt, Argentina was discovered to be a ground hog in 1997. There was rioting in the streets of La Bas, Bolivia.

If all the dimes made in the United States between 1957 and 1986 were piled on top of one another they would probably fall over before you were finished piling them.

It takes longer to spell 'slough' than it does to spell 'slow'.

The standard QWERTY keyboard configuration was made illegal in Iran in 1981 because the pronunciation is similar to the Farsie word q'wertie, which means 'slightly offset'.

Ninty percent of people when asked, will answer.

John Lennon actually was bigger than Jesus, because Jesus was just a little guy.

In the southern hemisphere water flows the other way.

Your average televangelist cannot tell the difference between his ass and a hole in the ground.

As a sign of the passage to adulthood, the young men of the Slit'skin clans of northern British Columbia, Canada had to fight a fully grown grizzly bear, bare handed. There are no Slit'skin left today.

Frequently, Shakespeare would use the name of his high school friends in his plays. The original title of Romeo And Juliet was Timmy And Becky Sue.

A yard stick is about three feet long.

Ronald McDonald is more of a buffoon than a clown.

If you put a couple of rabbits end to end, you will wind up with a whole bunch of rabbits.

Anyway... Humouroceros


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