Saturday, June 17, 2006


Just to clarify matters; Congressman John Hostettler of the great state of Indiana in the United States has declared Canada to be a hotbed of Islamic extremism and as proof points to the seventeen people arrested in Toronto (the one in Canada) in the spring of 2006. These people have been accused of everything from wanting to behead the Prime Minister (of Canada) to being slightly rude to telemarketers on the phone (which is nothing more that members of my own family have wanted to do at various time over the years, but they’re not Islamic so it’s okay.)

In the interests of making everything clear and keeping it all easy to understand, the Office of Homeland Security in the United States has adopted the Hostettler Scale of Islamic Extremism in order to keep people informed and aware. This scale has been designed, just as has the security risk colour codes, as an easy and simple method of keeping the public in the loop, security-wise.

The Office of Homeland Security suggests you 'copy and paste' the scale into your favourite word processing program and then print it off so you can put it up on your fridge as a convenient reference.

Anyway… Humouroceros

The Hostettler Scale Of Islamic Extremism

16+ Extremists = A hotbed of Islamic Extremism

10 – 15 Extremists = A warmbed of Islamic Extremism

5 – 9 Extremists = A hotcot of Islamic Extremism

1 – 4 Extremists = A warm sleeping-bag (with a comfy pillow) of Islamic Extremism

0 Extremists = The United States


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