Monday, March 30, 2009


Do keys multiply on their own? I know when I was younger I had maybe five keys on my key-chain. It's not really something you think about, you pull out your keys to start your vehicle or to get into your house, and that's about it. Then a young guy at work showed my the key to his new car and I couldn't help but notice that he had a grand total of three keys on his key-fob. My key-chain weighs about three pounds these days (now that I am less young) and that is not even counting my spare key-chain with all the keys I don't use very much. The thing is that I don't remember adding keys to my chain, but I know that I need them all. I just thought it was kind of weird. I wonder if I'll be old enough one day that I'll need to wear two pairs of pants just so I can carry around all my keys.

Anyway... Humouroceros


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