Sunday, March 29, 2009

The teleprompter connection

I hear that the latest rumpus amongst the right-wing loud-mouths living south of the 49th is that President Obama uses a teleprompter when he gives speeches. It's nice to see that these guys have finally caught on. That's nice. The thing is that every President since Nixon has used a teleprompter of some sort or other. In fact, it is what the kids call "old school". Of course for right-wing loud-mouths who are stuck in the 1950s using something as new-fangled as a teleprompter would be like cheating while speechifying. Notes are okay, but no electronic gadgets.

I suspect that expecting anything else from the far right-wing would be expecting too much. The former President (Dubbya) could have killed cats on the White House lawn and drank their blood, and he still would have been a hero (this is the same guy who's administration blamed the sailors of the aircraft carrier USS Abraham Lincoln for the infamous "Mission Accomplished" banner. It's a sign of the time I guess, it used to be 'the buck stops here' for the Commander-In-Chief but for George W it was 'the buck stops there'.) The current President could solve the world-wide economic crisis, build a better mouse-trap, and walk on water, and the far right-wing would still try to poison the water.

Of course reading on the Internet I have to wonder just how clever most of those guys are anyway. Here are some examples of right-wing wit I found while surfing the information super-hiway: Nobama, Obumma, Obama Bin Laden, Obama Osama, and then the extra witty, Barack Saddam Hussein Osama Obama bin Laden (man, I wish I was joking about this). Yes, five-year-olds are shaking thier heads in wonder across the United States. Well done guys. At least you are taking the future of your country seriously and not being childish.

Anyway... Humouroceros

Ron Reagan, using a teleprompter

Senator John McCain, using a teleprompter

President George W Bush, abusing a teleprompter

Bill O'Reilly (right-wing loud-mouth) in a spat with a teleprompter
(Look it up on YouTube, it's really funny)


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