Monday, October 01, 2007

Salt free association

Found this in the files. I just don't know...

It began with a woman I did not recognize, yet who seemed very familiar to me. She handed me a magazine which had photographs of men and women in compromising positions. I felt uncomfortable at this and put the magazine on a rack which was full of magazines. There was a great wind and the roof of the building was partially removed and then a short squall of penguins dropped in. Trees had turned green with the cold and it was only after staring for a while that I noticed that all the phone lines were made of barbed wire. Small birds would land on them, then fall to the ground in disbelief. A small group of bison arrived and spent a few minutes trying to give me financial advice but got quite offended when I asked how their own personal finances were. They threatened to trample me but decided not to when I showed them my opposable thumb and then just wandered off in a depressed sort of state that would have offended your average Jainian. The skies then darkened and huge flocks of ravens flew by, raucously commenting on various fish they had seen while people around me waved nets in the air and attended to their gardens. Cats roamed freely, accosting total strangers and trying to sell them the latest flanged gadgets, with a guarantee that it would create a work free environment. As the air thickened the insects began flying slower and slower until you could almost but not quite count the wing beats of the hummingbirds as they peeled the paint from the houses that had been left standing in the wind. Pollen flew free and sunflowers shed their petals in the late afternoon light, tossing earwigs hither and yon. Off in the distance we could hear the coyotes slinking into the free herds of antelope, their stomachs growling and their eyes watering from the light that still filtered over the nearby horizon. I had to wonder at the sound which mentioned very inexpensive life insurance, yet as they spoke of price I was appalled. It is to wonder, I thought as I pulled out the hoe and began to straighten the gravel. Who in their right mind?

Anyway... Humouroceros


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