Sunday, September 23, 2007

Cara Luft

A week or so back the gang all went to see Cara Luft play guitar and sing (if you have not heard of Cara Luft check out her web-site and go out and buy her disks because you will not be disappointed). She was playing at a small restaurant/live show venue where we have seen her play before. Our seats weren’t the best as we couldn’t see her too well, but we could hear her and that’s the main thing. At least we could mostly hear her, except for some people there who figured that their conversations were way more important than any music that may be being played.

Finally a member of the audience had had enough (I wish I could say it was me) and interrupted Cara, saying, “Excuse me Cara, but could you keep it down? I can’t hear what these people are saying.” Beautiful. The intelligent members of the audience applauded and Cara thanked the guy who spoke up, then carried on, the yappy table actually keeping quiet. Good show, buddy.

The next day I was talking to a friend who had been there and she mentioned the incident. I told her how glad I had been when the guy said what he did, and she said that afterwards one of the girls who had been at the yappy table came up to him and told him how rude he had been as she herself was a performer and knew how to behave when music was being played. He just said, hmmm, because what else can you say to someone like that?

Anyway… Humouroceros


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