Monday, September 24, 2007

Spam, spam, spam

I’ve heard about spam for years now and as a frequent user of e-mail I have always sort of expected it as part of the price of doing business. Use e-mail, get spam. It’s an easy equation. The joke is that spam tends to be for products like penis extenders, sexual performance enhancers, or other useful items like that, and that would be okay. The spam I get does not fall into any of these categories. The latest crop (or “crap”) was along the lines of: my good friend Adeeb Garangis sent me Itasca. Jang Swanberg sent Kodoki. From Eirik Lewman, kunpu. Claudio New, nihos. Other subjects included “ednevder”, “uunniLta” and “Stormwin”. Fascinating, but a touch cryptic.

I sort of figure that if someone it trying to catch my attention with a message, offer or product that they figure I might need or want, then the subject would be a little clearer. “For a bigger unit click here” for example. I have to assume there is method to their madness, but I’ll be swung if I can see it. Still, I always assume that most people are smarter than I’ll ever be so I guess I’ll just let it hang for now.

Anyway… Humouroceros


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