Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Yipee! Another Royal wedding!

I grabbed the above off of the NPR web-site and once again I have to wonder; What is the big charge our friends tot he south (the United States) get out of the Royal family of Eng-er-lund? Remember when Chuck and Di got hitched way back? Sure, some of my grandparents stayed up to watch the wedding (it was on at something like 0300 hrs local time), but I didn't. The media from south of the 49th covered it like feathers on a chicken. It was like if you were following the right channel down there you would have known just as the marriage was consummated (ick!). So okay, Di was okay looking for an English chick and Chuck does have those big ears, but still.
Then more recently when Chuck and his new wife, whats-her-name, visited the US Capital it was almost the same thing again. One commentator I saw on Fox looked like he was about to wet himself. Once again for me it was, WTF? The most recent visit by the Queen and Prince Phillip to Canada may have been covered by the US media too, but I don't know. I doubt it because the Royals were only visiting Canada and not the US, and that sort of thing (stuff outside the US borders) tends not to interest folk living in the US of A.
Anyway, my point, such as it is, is: Why do they care so much? Wasn't it only a couple of hundred years back that they tossed the British out of the States? That whole Tea Party thing (Oh ho, here's an odd little factlette; an ancestor of mine may have taken part in the Boston Tea Party. He didn't dress up like a native, "only pussies do that" he is reported to have said at the time, and he did pocket some tea, "for later". How cool is that?) and the War of Independence and all that stuff? And now when some spotty member of the Royal family shows up the US media rushes to lick some boot. That is weird no matter what scale you are using.
Anyway... Humouroceros


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