Tuesday, September 28, 2010

"Honour" killing

I recently read something that I consider to be pretty disgusting; between 2002 and 2010 there were 15 "honour killings" in Canada. A "honour killing" is where what I call (in the interests of multicultural understanding) a "murdering turd-stain" murders a family member, usually female, who has, in the murdering turd-stains "mind", brought dishonour on the family. Dishonour in these cases can be a young girl wanting to go to a mall with her friends, or even having friends. Of course I had heard of honour killings, but I had always thought that this sort of half-witted crap only happened in parts of the world where the inhabitants still call their left hand their "shit hand" because they use it to clean their butts after a dump since they haven't quite worked out the complexities of toilet paper. Well it looks like these slugs are sneaking into civilized countries now.

For the record; I am not against immigration. At all. There are good, decent, intelligent people all over the world and they should be welcomed to Canada. Diversity only makes Canada stronger. What we do not need is backwards little freaks who believe it is their cultural right to murder or mutilate or hurt in any way women or girls due to some cave-man view of gender relations. That crowd can stay in their rat-hole little countries and rot.

AS far as those who have already managed to sneak into civilized places, well anybody can change and this bunch has nowhere to go but up. And as far as the murderers go, once convicted of first-degree murder they can go into the general population of a prison. If they get released and they are an immigrant, then they are out of the country, on a rail and tarred and feathered if possible.

I guess there are those who would call this view racist. If thinking that the culturally driven murder of women and girls is racist, then fine. I can live with that. Of course there are always those who use "racist" as their first line of defence, mainly because it beats thinking. There are those who fold when the "R-card" is played, but bag that action. I won't go that route and those who say that say that all cultures are equally deserving of respect should pull their heads out of their butts with a loud, slurping pop and maybe admit that any culture that supports the murder of women and girls, or most anybody else for that matter, doesn't really deserve to be called a "culture". The sooner that way of "thinking" dies out, the better.

Anyway... Humouroceros


Anonymous Ushas said...

Interesting article recently in the WSJ. Perhaps the best hope to discourage the murdering turd-stains is to make them even more ashamed of themselves than they apparently are of their women.


Completely agree, btw, with your antagonism to cultural relativism.

But, maybe, one tiny small thing we could do is to campaign against using the term 'honour killing'. Turd-stain's probably not goint to be picked up by the mainstream media. But, since the murderers are apparently motivated by shame, let's call them 'shame killings' - and even, with accuracy, 'shamed killers' or 'shameful killers'.

Will you add your voice? Smash a few bits of china?

11:42 pm  
Blogger humouroceros said...

Ushas; Thank-you for the comment and thanks for the link (it didn't work, but I believe I found the article you were referencing dated July 13, 2010 via Google). True, 'turd-stain' is not going to make it in the mainstream media so could we agree on 'shameful murderers'. Murderer feels a little more blunt to me than 'killer'.

I am not in any way a fan of the cutsey little terms used for horrific and cowardly acts. It is like some sort of attempt at legitimacy to use euphenisms like 'road rage', or 'air rage' or the even more disturbing 'honour killing' (I am not comparing these three things, just the mindset that thinks these terms are at all adaquate to describe the acts.)

The fact that stuff like this goes on anywhere on the planet is revolting, and what makes it even more revolting is that is is mainly the weakest members of these societies that suffer the abuse. Don't women have it bad enough (in my humble westernized opinion) as it is? The cowardly, bullying tactics of the men in charge of these places, if you can call them men, ah, I guess you can see that this stuff makes me genuinely angry.

Thanks again for the thoughtful comment. I need to go for a walk now.

Cheers; H

11:31 pm  

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