Saturday, November 06, 2010

Good-bye Gordo

So, everybodies favourite soup, goofy Gordo Campbell, AKA: the Aloha Boozehound, Asswipe, and/or the Premier of British Columbia, has once again taken the low-road and announced that he is cutting and running. As soon as the BC Liberal Party pulls their collective thumbs out of their collective butts (expected to take six months or so) and choose a new leader, Gordo steps down and this new leader takes over the big chair in Victoria as the newly unelected Premier of the province.

Ah, that's our Gordo all over, willing to take one for the team ~ tossing himself on the grenade of public opinion to save the BC Libs from being blown up by the next provincial election. Right-ho, Gordo playing politics in a manner so lamely obvious that children in pre-schools across the province are shaking their heads in wonder, and the game to switch the head of the monster (the BC Liberal Party) hoping that the great unwashed (the BC voting public) will forget everything the BC Libs have inflicted on the province in the last decade.

And what has brought Gruntin' Gordo to such a place that the only option he could see which would allow the Liberal Party not to go down in flames, was to run like a shaved ape? Why it is a little bit of a disaster known as the Harmonized Sales Tax (AKA: the H.S.T.) As the willfully aware will know the H.S.T. is the french-kiss between the BC Libs and the BC business community whereby taxes are reduced for the business community. And since the H.S.T. is revenue neutral the reduced tax income would have to be picked up by someone and that someone is the paying public. Oddly enough, the paying public didn't like this and yadda, yadda, yadda, the Libs are in trouble. Now a Liberal in trouble is just like a quivering little bunny, which is just what you want in a leader, and this is why Ramblin' Campbell is heading on out.

Of course we have been expecting Gordo to run, that is what cowards to when they get caught. Caught doing what? Why french-kissing the butts of the business community. Obviously the Libs knew what a farce the H.S.T. excuses were/are. It is not good for the lower income folks and it is not good for the middle-class and it will not create employment. These are all lies put forth by the Libs and when they figured out that the public wasn't buying their lies, then Gordo ran. I mean, if they did believe all this noise then why wouldn't they hang on and run in the next election on the strengths of the wonderful H.S.T.? Why, with all the new jobs in the province and with everybody having to buy bigger houses to store all the money they now have, the Libs would have been voted in by a landslide. I mean, obviously. It's almost like, they know they were lying. Weird.

Oh, by the way; Bye Gord. Don't let the door hit you on the ass on the way out.

Anyway... Humouroceros


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