Tuesday, October 12, 2010

"Road Rage" for dummies

The police and witnesses say buddy ran into a delivery-truck at a stop light. The driver gets out to check the damage and buddy, who ran into the delivery-truck, proceeds to punch the driver and scream at him. The driver runs back to his delivery-truck and closes all the windows so buddy pulls a metal pipe out of his car and starts trying to break the windows of the delivery-truck so he can get at the driver and throw a few more punches. A witness intervenes and grabs the metal pipe (respect to that dude) and then buddy tries to run down the witness with his car. To me this is a classic example of an asshole driver (I prefer the term "asshole driver" to the cutsey term "road rage". Asshole driver is, I believe, a refreshingly accurate description of this self-indulgent, childish behaviour.)

In this case the asshole himself, Trevor Samuel Myketiak, a 43-year old asshole, claims that he is in fact the victim. "He hit me first," Trevor says of the other driver. "I'm defending myself. He threw a punch at me. I got out, we scuffled. It got worse." Right, pulling out a metal pipe (standard equipment in every asshole's car) is worse, and trying to run down a witness is worser. Well, Trevor doesn't want to talk about the metal pipe, I guess that would be a little awkward for him, and about the witness he says, "I said, 'buddy, I'm backing up.' I didn't try to run him over." Well, that's all right then. As long as Trev wasn't trying to run him over.

Yeah, this is a classic example of self-indulgent, me-me-me-, assholedness. Well it will be in front of the courts this week and with luck Trevor will learn that his behaviour is just not acceptable to normal people, but I doubt it. Assholes are too busy thinking that the world owes them a living to bother with stuff like learning things, you know, like how responsible people act. The best thing to do with Trevor and all the other assholes like him is to take his drivers license away for life. He has shown that he does not deserve to have one (having a drivers license is not a right, it is a privilege). Perhaps a trike with a nice bell would be something he could handle without too much trouble. Oh, Trevor says he drives a 5-ton truck for a living? Sucks to be him I guess. Not as much as it sucks to be on the road with him though.

Anyway... Humouroceros


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