Wednesday, March 10, 2010

72 oz. Steak

I was surfing the waves at, checking out what zany wildness the Jackass boys had rammed online (Jackass III is being filmed? Be still my beating heart) and I came across Steve-O mentioning that they were going to Texas so one of the guys could take the 72 oz steak challenge, the challenge being can a person eat a 72 oz steak in one sitting. That is about four and a half pounds of meat, pre-cooked weight I assume, and while I'm as carnivorous as the next guy, I still found that mental imagery to be a little disturbing.

Being the naturally curious sort I Googled "72 oz steak" and there are a few places around that do this sort of thing. The typical challenge is if you can shove four and a half pounds of beef down your throat in a hour or less, then the meal is free. If you can't finish, or it takes you more than a hour, then you can expect a bill for about sixty dollars, not counting drinks and desert.

Ok, not even counting the weirdness factor of eating more cow in a hour than most people eat in a couple of months, I just find it bizarre to think of someone weighing almost five pounds more at the end of a single meal than they did when they sat down to eat that meal. I suspect that your average dieter would be tickled pink to lose five pounds in a week, and here there are people who willingly put on that much in a hour or less. Different strokes, I guess (lame pun intended. You know, the 'strokes' thing. Sorry.)

Anyway... Humouroceros

PS: the image of what would happen the following day, with some poor nimrod trying to pinch off a five pound meat-loaf was just too disturbing to include in the above post.


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