Friday, February 26, 2010

The ioc Can Bug Off!

Let's see, the Canadian Women's olympic team was celebrating on-ice after they won the gold medal in the 2010 Vancouver winter olympics and the fine, upstanding creeps running the international olympic committee (the i.o.c.) don't like it. Apparently it sends the wrong message. Let's see, the i.o.c. greed-heads, which allowed professional athletes into the olympics, which allowed basketball into the olympics (when the US was the only country with professional basketball players - the "dream team"), which does not believe in equality for women (where are the women ski-jumpers?), which is allowed to ignore the rules and laws of any country it goes to, and which demands and gets 5-star hotels for it's wrinkled membership with 5-star service and television walls so they can watch the olympic events without the inconvenience of having to leave their rooms, thinks that a truly amateur team celebrating after winning the gold medal is bad. The women were drinking beer and champagne on the ice, and the prunes of the i.o.c. don't like it. Hmmm...
Here's a thought just off the top of my head: what say we just ship the esteemed members of the i.o.c. back to whatever rat-hole of a country they came from and then do our level best just to forget that they were ever here? Back in whatever turd-marsh those guys came from they are perfectly free to march around spouting whatever limp-brained stupidity they want, but for them to say that stupid crap here is just offensive, as are they. I don't like the olympics, but the Canadian Women's hockey team rocks the heck out!
Anyway... Humouroceros


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