Monday, February 15, 2010

2010 olympic protesters? No, just assholes at large

I have shown that I am against the 2010 Vancouver winter olympics just as much as the next guy. The olympics are a good way to piss away public money on a party for the rich, but that is about it. I know that things are in full swing right now but in spite of the muddled thinking that insists that those of us who do oppose the olympics should just shut-up and get on board, well, I still don't want the olympics here.
Now, having said all that: I am also against the lying, stupid, hypocritical sacks of dumb who are taking the opportunity to run around breaking windows and vandalizing other people's property, all in the name, supposedly, of opposing the olympics. What a load of crap. These cretins are not olympic protesters. They are opportunistic little creeps who use any excuse available to cause trouble and wreck anything in sight, and that is all they are. They have all the style and wit of an English football hooligan and the morals of some corporate drone stealing the last ten cents of some seniors life-savings. They are a stain on humanity and that is all they ever will be.

What I really don't understand is when people who have legitimately been opposed to the 2010 winter games for years allow themselves to be used by these gutless little turds. They defend the actions of these jerks, cheapening their own stance in the process. Spokesperson for the Olympic Resistance Network (fer pete's sake), Alissa Westergard-Thorpe, says the all the trouble was caused by the police (imagine, blaming the police, how original) and claimed that the protesters were not violent, since, "Property damage is not the same as violence." This is an interesting and unique view but I wonder how quickly it would be modified if one of Ms Westergard-Thorpe's thug friends were to punch a brick through a window where she lives, you know, for practice. I suppose that wouldn't be violence either, just business as usual. That loser from Seattle arrested with a bicycle chain wrapped around his hand, why he wasn't there to be violent was he? Golly, the very idea. Just because someone is in a mob is packing a bicycle chain people all of a sudden start thinking that he is planning a bit of violence or something. His parents might believe that simple-minded butt-junk from their little precious, but I don't.

One report I read mentioned that following the stupidity a lady who lived a few blocks away came to the scene with a sign reading, "Being a vandalizing douche bag is not a political statement". It goes without saying that this woman, Ms Isabella Mori, is braver than most of the rest of us, and we need more people like her.

Anyway... Humouroceros

PS: the photo of Ms Mori is off of flikr and was uploaded by whiteheadjesse. hope he doesn't mind me using it.

Fun for the kids! Print off this mascot of the phoney
olympic protesters and colour it!
Good clean fun!
His name is Nobrainey Knuckle-dragger.
(click on the image and print off the full size image)



Anonymous E.P. said...

I agree !!!

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Blogger humouroceros said...

Hee hee hee hee hee hee hee hee hee hee hee hee hee hee hee hee.

Your friend; H

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