Thursday, January 28, 2010

Québébois surgeons in Haiti

The news hit the Internet with all the subtlety of a Christian fundamentalist politician in the United States denying health-care to his illegal alien gardener; a group of orthopedic surgeons out of Quebec who had volunteered to help out in Haiti after that country had been devastated by an earthquake, had contacted the Minister of Health, Yves Bolduc, in La belle province (Quebec) asking to be paid for their time in Haiti. Outrage was instant with some crying, "The lizards leaping! Paid for volunteering? It is diabolic! Mon Dieu, I give up! Light my cigarette, Phillipe. Merci." Meanwhile, Minister Yves is looking into the matter and I don't know if it will help but here is my usual 2 cents.

Of course these dudes should be paid! These surgeons are providing an extremely valuable set of skills in a time of need and it just does not seem reasonable to expect their families back in Quebec (La belle province) to sink into destitution just because their sugar-daddies are away. And $704.00 (CAN) per day? That's cheap! Just try buying a house for $704.00 (CAN)! YOU CAN'T! Not even in Quebec. So that is good value. I do have just one observation though: Why should the Quebec medical plan pay them? Hundreds of millions of dollars have been collected world-wide for Haitian relief. Why are these surgeons not being paid out of this fund?

Just wondering.

Anyway... Humouroceros


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