Wednesday, July 15, 2009


I'm not what you could call a big fan of the liquor industry. I am not by any means advocating prohibition (heck, let's get rid of cigarettes though) but I don't really like the way booze is advertised. Drink beer and hot chicks in short shorts will play volley-ball with you and your drunk friends, drink a sparkly rum drink and dance the night away, maybe sometimes but not always. And usually not even sometimes.

The latest trend I have noticed is cute names for what we used to call (accurately) liquor stores. I mean like the Booze Depot or maybe Booze Barn or the even more nauseating Boozarama. I suspect that this little deal began south of the 49th because most to that sort of thing tends to, but now it has infiltrated up here to the Great White North (Ho! There was an unfortunate reference, after all what did Bob and Doug used to drink all the time?) And it gets even worse. Today I received a flyer from one of the local big-box liquor stores and it now has what it calls "recession buster" prices. I assume this is to make it easier for those who are out of work to get liquored (IE: drink), and after all, that is just what the unemployed need, right? Party on.

Anyway... Humouroceros


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