Sunday, July 05, 2009

The Westboro bitch-slapped

I was just wondering so I hit the information-superhighway and check and yes! Now that Michael Jackson has gone on to his reward the merry skanksters of the Westboro Baptist Church will be on hand to protest at his funeral. Apparently they will be taking time out from protesting at the funerals of the soldiers coming home from Iraq and Afghanistan to rant and rave at Michael's funeral, and I think it is great. Not for all the expected reasons but because I think that the video footage of a bunch of MJ's fans slapping the crap out of a bunch of homophobic, self-righteous religious nuts will be great. I can only hope that the head ugly, bug-eyed Freddy Phelps his own bad self will show up. I'm pretty sure that he probably doesn't do protests much himself anymore, being old and ratty and all, but this one will be pretty high profile with a definite opportunity to get his picture in the paper, ranting, covered in drool and looking crazier than a train-rattled skunk. Why, with any luck at all some skinny thirty-year old dude who has been a Michael fan for all his life, wearing pancake makeup and a dress will tackle Freddy and squat on his head. Man, I'll be checking YouTube daily to see that footage. Oh yeah, I've got my fingers crossed now.

Anyway... Humouroceros


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