Sunday, June 21, 2009


So how many times can you destroy the earth? Big news on the Internet (well, on Yahoo) is another doomsday movie coming this November called 2012 and it was directed by the guy who did Independence Day and The Day After. I think it is apparent that this dude has some issues but as long as the special effects are good I guess I can live with it. Anyway, this one is based on an ancient Mayan prophecy that says the world will end sometime in 2012. I gather that the details are a little sketchy, but leave it to Hollywood to throw some bang for the buck onto the screen, and just in time for Christmas too!

Over the decades Hollywood has bitch-slapped mankind (and the planet) with giant plants, giant frogs, giant monsters, giant radioactive hemorrhoids, various plagues, the sun, the moon, and all manner of rocks falling from the sky (this last one is actually possible so that's kind of neat), and that's not even mentioning those movies about the monkeys taking over. One has to wonder just what those movie moguls have against the earth. What sort of a charge do they get from blowing everything up every couple of years. It's sort of like back in the 50's and 60's in the Japanese cinema when every year or two Godzilla would show up to stomp the living daylights out of Tokyo. Back in the day I used to wonder why they bothered rebuilding. Of course I am older now and I understand that they rebuilt because there was money in that deal which is probably why a lot of time and energy is today being spent on toasting the earth, again. It is either that or maybe after a couple of years of reality television and infomercials it was just the right thing to do. Yeah, that works too.

Anyway... Humouroceros


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