Friday, June 06, 2008

The right thing to do

I just read that there is a huge controversy in Seattle, Washington, USA because a couple had their smooch-fest interrupted at a Seattle Mariners baseball game. Apparently the lip-lock antics were making somebody "uncomfortable" and she went crying to the ushers, one of whom had to ask the couple to "knock it off" or "get a room". Now this is just rude. A young couple sharing air should NEVER be interrupted. It's just not done. This particular situation is especially interesting because the young couple involved were both chicks, or "lesbians" to get all technical about it. Even so, the correct response (other than just leaving them alone) would have been to whip out the video phone, grab some "footage" and put it on the Internet. I bet the whiner is kicking herself now! You bet.

Anyway... Humouroceros

PS: I just thought of something; this wasn't some sort of "anti-gay" thing, was it? That would be just terrible. I suppose, if I squint, hold my head just so and have my feet about shoulder width apart and my knees slightly bent, not only would I look stupid but I could sort of understand. The way I look at it is that gay guys don't bother me at all. They and I are not after the same thing, if you know what I mean, so I don't worry about them. Gay chicks, or 'lesbians' as they are known by some, are a different matter all together. They and I are after the same thing and out here in the wild we call that "com-pe-ti-tion". Even so though, I think I still would have tried to score some footage for the Internet. Oh well.


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