Tuesday, June 03, 2008


So today may be the day that Senator Clinton's run for the Democratic Presidential nomination flares out like a Messerschmidt over London in 1941 (we in the "business" call that an "obscure reference", or maybe it's just a "bad reference"). The last two primaries are today (South Dakota and Montana) and it looks as though Senator Obama will get all the delegates he needs to grab the nomination. Now I know this is really none of my business but I think the Democrats may have dropped the ball here. Senator Obama may be a pretty good guy and all, but Senator Clinton's moves have been totally presidential this past little while.

As everybody remembers the Primaries in Florida and Michigan were held earlier than party rules allow, and thus the results have been changed by the powers-that-be in the Democratic National Committee. Senator Clinton knew the rules and decided to disregard them and now wants the results kept as they were, where she won both primaries (Senator Obama withdrew his name from the Michigan primary but was not allowed to withdraw from the Florida one). This willful disregard of the rules is totally presidential. Rules whether domestic or international have no place in the presidential vocabulary. The sovereignty or other nations is at best just a silly rumour started by those who support terrorism and don't like democracy and freedom. Or so it seems these days. Anyway, do what seems best Democrats. The whole world is watching.

Anyway... Humouroceros


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