Sunday, December 30, 2007

In Touch

So this Tara chick is too thin because the hotels she stays in have no room service? With the obesity epidemic that the liberal media tell us is going on right now, shouldn't those obese people be staying in these hotels too? I notice that Bill the loser lost 164 pounds so does that mean that he stayed at these hotels?

Stars without makeup? I thought those guys had the makeup tattooed on so what's up with that?

I thought that Brad and Angelina were supposed to be referred to as BradAngelina or something like that. What's going on?

Who the heck is Jamie Lynn and who cares what Britney (Spears?) thinks about her pregnancy. I would think that Britney should be past the "thinking about it" stage and well into the "supporting Jamie Lynn" stage. Of course I don't live in Hollywood so I don't know how it all works down there.

I would have bought the magazine to find out more about these "stories" except that I don't care about them. Real life is way more interesting than this stuff. Still, it's something to wonder about while you're in the line-up at the grocery store.

Anyway... Humouroceros


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