Tuesday, October 16, 2007

My art

Every so often I find myself in a creative sort of mood, and I just have to get out and create something. Usually it's an episode of the Sopranos that brings this on, but it can also be the Trailer Park Boys, a well writen story, something a friend or family member has done, or anything creative. Inspiration strikes when you least expect it. This is the latest:

I call this Electric Dragonfly. I was going for the contrasting colours and how they play between the Dragonfly itself and the background. I've been experimenting with filters and this is one of the happy accidents that happen every so often. Like silly putty or super glue.

This is a fantasy piece I have chosen to call Utapu, after a planet in Star Wars III. There is a hint of a naturalistic Couruscant in it as well, although this may only occur to a member of the Star Wars fraternity.

I call this the Spider Tree, and it is another happy accident. I was aiming for the needles and juxtapositioning these against the cedar fence in the background. After I took the phot I was walking around the tree and I walked through the web and the stupid spider stung me on my right bicep. Long story short, the spider's dead and I have a huge welt on my arm that is all sorts of red.

Anyway... Humouroceros


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