Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Vatican driving

The Vatican, in it’s never-ending crusade to stick it’s pop-veined nose into anything and everything, has released a document entitled: Guidelines for the Pastoral Case of the Road, which contains 10 commandments (how did they come up with that number?) on the does and don’ts (shalls and shall-nots) of driving an automobile.

The document covers road-rage and rude gestures (both bad), as well as respecting pedestrians and keeping a vehicle in good condition (both good). It also says that blasphemy while driving should be avoided but praying while driving is encouraged (I wonder about praying on a cell-phone while driving then blaspheming because you almost run into someone. Is that okay?).

Even though my own opinion that driving while under the influence of God should be avoided, this is probably a good document and your average good Catholic will probably take it to heart, and thereby stop driving like a maniac while blaspheming. That’s good, but I wonder if the Vatican might have done more good if they had taken the bull by the horns and released a document aimed at some priests (and you know who you are) with some commandments like; “thou shalt not molestest little kids” or maybe “thou shalt not get past first base with tykes”. Then we might have had something.

Anyway… Humouroceros


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