Friday, May 18, 2007


Ah, Mork. The erstwhile alien from the wacky 70’s television program Mork & Mindy and portrayed by a much younger and manic Robin Williams. Yet another TV show that was initially inspired before traveling down the usual TV-land road to “all the usual nonsense”. The first episode, where Mork arrives on Earth, has Mindy meeting the freshly arrived alien, who has managed to dress himself backwards, and thinking that he is a poor confused guy. She brings his home to help him out and then her dad shows up and gets the wrong idea. Next scene Mindy’s dad is alone (and since this is the 70’s which was only a quick decade away from the 60’s when EVERYBODY drank on TV) and drinking. A buddy of his shows up, who just happens to be a cop, and Mindy’s dad tells him what he thinks is going on, that his daughter has a live-in boyfriend. He then asks the cop to go over and run the mutt off and the cop agrees. He gets to Mindy’s apartment where Mindy is gone and Mork is acting as oddly as ever, so he arrests him and has him committed. Mindy finds out and freaks, her dad says that he hadn’t meant for this to happen and they go down to where Mork is being judged. The Judge is surprisingly open-minded and says that although Mork appears to be eccentric, there are no laws against that. Then he sentences Mork to live with Mindy, thus giving hope to all the eccentrics out there (Mindy was played by Pam Dawber who looked pretty good in tight jeans, if you know what I mean).

When accused of being crazy, as proof the cop says that Mork is wearing a wrist-watch on his ankle. Mork responds that that would be crazy. He is wearing an ankle-watch on his ankle.

When Raquel Welsh asks Mork what he has in his pocket he says, “nothing. I’m just happy to be here.” That wasn’t from the first show, but it’s still pretty good.

Anyway… Humouroceros


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