Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Hamas takes the Mickey

Farfour sings, "This is how we play with the Jews!"

In it’s continuing efforts to engage Palestinian youth the Palestinian militant group Hamas has ‘borrowed’ an idea from the decadent, freedom-loving west and hired a giant mouse to be co-host of the popular children’s show, Tomorrows Pioneers. The show is broadcast on al-Aqsa TV. According to station manager, Ahmed Yassin, the show had been becoming a little too bogged down in political and religious indoctrination and the show’s original host, Aziz al-Rantisi, tended to either frighten children or bore them, depending on whether he was threatening them or praying at them.

“Once we reassigned Aziz and brought our current host, Saraa, on-board along with Farfour (the mouse’s name, which means either ‘butterfly’ or ‘slaughter the Israelis’, depending on where you place the accent), the show just took off.”

Farfour has a couple of trademark moves that the Palestinian children seem to enjoy, such as pretending to throw a grenade or shoot a rifle. And while the political indoctrination is still there, Farfour presents it in a manner that the children can understand and enjoy. “The people stand singing this to you,” he squeaks, “it’s answer is an AK-47.” And the kids really take notice when he sings, “We are the predators of the forest,” because who doesn’t want to be a predator? Like a bear, or a scary lion.

Unfortunately this latest Palestinian initiative has come to the notice of the Big Corporation Industry Association of America (BCIAA). The head of the BCIAA, Buster Iliketosue (pronounced I-like-to-sue) says, “Borrowing ideas is fine. We do it all the time. But this Farfour character is too much!”

“My personal assistant brought me a recording of one of those Farfour shows and for the longest time I thought it was a new M*ck** M**s* skit (vowels deleted at the insistence of BCIAA legal counsel). I mean, there he was shooting guns and throwing grenades and stuff, just like the real M*ck** would have if he had thought of it, and I’ve never been able to understand that voice of his anyway. Then I saw a transcript of what he was saying and at first I thought, 'Holy crow, D*sn**’s really going in a new direction'. Then I realized, we had ourselves a situation here.”

Iliketosue continued, “At first D*sn** wasn’t too interested, but after we pointed out that if you let this sort of stuff go unchallenged then the next thing you know you’re selling your theme-parks so you can afford food, well they came online right after that.”

As things stand now, the Palestinian Authority has requested that al-Aqsa TV pull the show and in a surprising move al-Aqsa agreed. Hamas has agreed to “review” the show for any inadvertently offensive content. Further news will be provided as events warrant.

Anyway… Humouroceros


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