Tuesday, April 24, 2007


Less than a week after the mass-murders at the Virginia Polytechnic Institute an elementary school teacher in Delta, BC had her class perform a skit about the killings where some students acted out the killings of other students. Oddly enough this has created something of an uproar with some parents and students and it had to be explained to this teacher that this may not have been the most appropriate subject for an elementary school play. The principal of South Park elementary (now there’s an ironic school name, for anyone who has seen South Park on TV anyway), Doug Thomson says that the teacher in question has used the news current news for her plays before (wonder how the 9/11 play went, or the play on the beheadings in Iraq) but this time she dropped the ball and made a huge error in judgment. “I can’t think of any group of children, perhaps senior high students, who would be able to handle it,” said Thomson, who is apparently also an idiot (after all, Columbine never happened at a high school, did it).

Discussing the murders as a current event is an important thing to do, at home as well as at school. Helping kids be aware and interested in what is going on in the world around them is important. However, having children pretend to shoot each other in a classroom is, I think, stupid.

Anyway… Humouroceros


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