Saturday, April 29, 2006

The Hawk And The Crows

Got up, did breakfast (with the usual hand full of supplements) then walked down to the gym for another morning of self abuse (AKA: self improvement.) Did my bit for my heart and general health and then on the way home I stopped at my favorite coffee bistro for a quick, large, strong cup of joe. I sat outside because the weather was just so darn fine that to sit inside would have been a sin. I pulled out my pad of paper and sat quietly, waiting for the muse to strike (yo, pretentious, no?) when I heard a bunch of noise, skywards.

Up over the city was a hawk being harassed by a couple of crows. The hawk didn’t really seem too bothered by the situation (the crows were making all the noise) but the pests were being unrelenting. The hawk was gently soaring along as the crows took turns stooping on him, and then one of the crows got bored and flew off leaving it’s buddy to carry on the hawk harassment, and I began to wonder why that hawk didn’t go hardcore all over that lone remaining crow.

As a rough guesstimate I figured it would take that hawk about two seconds to turn that crow into a feathered bag of cooling meat, but he didn’t. That hawk just slowly flew off, searching for a crow-free area to call it’s own and once again I have to wonder. Could we as people possibly learn something about how to treat one another from that hawk? Probably not. I’d have turfed that crow and been all the happier for it.

Anyway… Humouroceros


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