Monday, April 10, 2006

A Letter To Dave

Dave; So we hope that the whole hole thing worked out for you folks. That Don guy may be older than God and grandfather to thousands, but he does seem to know his way around a pipe-wrench so you should do okay. It’s friggin’ cold out and loose water is no joke under those circumstances. I myself am no fan of the cold, as you may know. In fact, if it weren’t for the spring, the summer, and the fall, I would be off like a shot! At first I thought that Cuba would be nice, but I would make (as if there is any other kind) a poor Communist (being capable of independent thought. This keeps me out of all the currently popular man-made religious sects as well. Bummer), and I don’t smoke cigars. I suppose I could move to that town Paul talks about in the States where by law you have to wear dark glasses and carry a concealed firearm at all times. My problem with that is I keep breaking or losing my sunglasses and the only firearm I have ever carried in my life was a lighter, and that was a couple of decades ago. I guess I could stuff a box-cutter into my sock but that would be uncomfortable and it probably wouldn’t count anyway. Heck with it, I’ll just stay here and tolerate the cold as best I can. To be honest, as much as I dislike the cold I have to admit that there are times of great beauty to be found when it is cold. Why just last night the little woman and I were watching out back where you could see where the mice had small fires burning here and there in the backyard. It looked almost as though a bunch of stars had fallen from the sky into our yard and were glittering in the snow. You could see the mice huddled around each fire trying to keep warm in the bitter cold and when we listened close we could hear them humming what sounded like Silent Night. It was real peaceful, you know? Then we let the dogs out and the fun really began. It was cool. See you next week: Humouroceros


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