Wednesday, April 12, 2006

DOA, Just good clean fun

Humouroceros & Randy Rampage

Did some punk rock a few weeks back when my favorite band, DOA, hit a nearby booze pit known as The Well for an evening of loud music and wild-eyed moshing. When I heard about the event I gave my good buddy and fellow traveler, Gordzillah, a call and after a day of strong coffee and energy drinks we slammed War On 45 into the CD player and whipped off to the Well to get in on the action.

There were two opening bands the first of which was called Whiskey Dick and believe me, their name which is as lame as a three legged horse race is nowhere near as lame as these four yahoos were. Terrible. Next up was a local outfit called All Night Long and those boys rocked the heck out! They were a blast and if I could have found a CD to buy I would have.

Then DOA hit the stage and I hit the pit (took a couple of elbows in the head but that’s just the way it goes sometimes.) Joey S. was his usual cordial self, telling crazy young folks to get off the stage (“start your own band if you want to be on stage” he advised), talking about politics and at one point lacing into some sort of Nazi creep who had slithered in from under a rock somewhere. Randy Rampage, DOA’s original bassist was along for the ride and spent the show tossing his bass around as he played and everything was held together by the rock steady beat of drummer, the Great Baldini. They played a great selection of tunes from their nearly thirty year history and the energy levels were high with the sweat flying and the beer fumes curling against the dark ceiling and the only bad part was that it was over too soon.

After the show my ears were ringing so hard I was dizzy but I grabbed a chance to talk with Randy Rampage for a bit and this was especially cool for me because way back in the day Randy was one of the bass players that I based my own bass playing on. Excellent. My ears were still ringing for a couple of days after. Good clean fun.

DOA rocks out


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