Thursday, June 16, 2011

Vancouver riot 2011

This video is really all you have to know about the Stanley Cup riot in Vancouver on July 15, 2011. All the stupidity and willful ignorance of the day is condensed down to one act by one little "man". As the video show after a car is set on fire this genius decides that the only thing to do is jump over it. His judgement is right up there with his athletic ability as he slips on the windshield and lands on the car roof where he sizzles for a second before falling off and dancing around with a "I meant to do that" look of extra tall stupidity with a sprinkle of "mom and dad are brother and sister" tossed in. If you only see one video from the riot, this is the one to see. Imagine if instead of slipping on the windshield it had shattered and he had gone into the car. Not only would that have been breaking and entering, he would have cooked like the rancid turd he is. Now that would have stunk, but there would have been one less moron in the gene pool, and that would have been oh so sad. I guess this is what happens when someone is incapable of planning more that a tenth of a second into the future.

Anyway... Humouroceros


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