Monday, May 30, 2011

Internet comments

I made my usual mistake and started reading comments left on stories I've been reading on the Internet. Bad. It is pretty much impossible for me to understand just how tiny and mindless so many of these commenters must be. Of course I could very well be wrong. I was looking at a report on a possible postal strike in Canada. The majority of the comments were about how the postal workers are already over paid and under worked and how they, the commenters, have to work really really hard for every penny their mommies give them, I mean, at their jobs were they are self employed or something. It's kind of funny just how many self made "men" find the time to comment on online stories using utterly ironic user-names such as "Mr Canada" or "IDON'TLIKEDUMBPEOPLE". Quite clever.

The "best" stories for comments are those involving the police. Anything involving the RCMP or municipal police will draw the online tough guys like fresh poop draws flies. And so many of them have had their rights totally trampled by the police in this police state we live in where some poor innocent citizen is thwarted just because he wants to throw a garbage can through a window to protest globalization or something. Like, you know, like, what's that all about? Or maybe buddy decides to skateboard down the sidewalk and knock down old people and some fascist cop stops him. Now that is just unfair. Of course the police comments are generally the best for the mommies-boy commenter since every sparrow-fart who has ever got a speeding ticket has a hard-on about the police. I mean, WTF is all this enforcing the rules stuff anyway? Gosh.

The arguments used on the Internet are pretty difficult to refute though, I have to admit that. Once one of these mighty men posts a "you suck" the argument is pretty much over. Don't even go back there unless you want a devastating "idiot!!!!!!!!" thrown in your face, complete with a stack of exclamation marks. Whew, one sweats just thinking about it.

I think I'm going to leave the comment thing alone for awhile. One can see the quality that is there right now, and I sort of feel that if I give it time to grow a bit, mature if you will, then the comments can only become more insightful and wise with time.

But I doubt it.

Anyway... Humouroceros


Blogger Bandersnatchi said...

Your insights are in concert with my own position - although I find it hard to balance on my perch while claiming to be an open-minded Liberal thinker, yet urging conformity to rules and order. heh.

Liked the phrase:

"Once one of these mighty men posts a "you suck" the argument is pretty much over."


10:48 am  
Blogger humouroceros said...

Depends on your definition of "liberal minded thinker" of course. Conforming to rules and order is society and the inability to follow basic rules of society is anarchy and I suspect that those who think that anarchy is a good thing do not understand what anarchy is. The example I was refering to in the entry was the 2010 Olympics and the opening weekend stupidity that made all the protesters look like morons. Hardly fair to the legitimate protesters but there you go. The 2011 Stanley Cup riot only reenforces the point. Breaking and damaging other peoples property is not protest, it is weak-mindedness. If someone honestly cannot live by the rules of society then stop collecting welfare, move out into the deep bush and make it on your own. This is not directed at you Bander, just my thoughts on conforming to the rules of society.

4:43 pm  

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