Friday, April 08, 2011

Donald Trump for President - 2012

Yep, Donald 'the Donster' Trump, known to some as the Trumpalumfagus, is kicking around idea of running for President of those United States. Obviously as a man of vast wealth and no taste Don would hardly do something like this for the money or the prestige. In fact, he says he is considering running for the good on the country. You see, Don doesn't like what he sees going on in those United States or even the rest of the world for that matter.

Domestically, people are gaining access to affordable health-care, companies that just about went under during the recent economic nosedive brought on by greedheads Wall Street speculation (and which could have significantly increased the unemployment numbers in the US) have for the most part paid back government loans (with interest) that kept them afloat, a man born in the US is sitting pretty as President and it just goes on. Frankly, it's just a mess.

On the foreign front the Donster is offended that when the US of A reaches out to touch someone (militarily) these days it is done for "humanitarian" reasons rather than to just grab oil or something. It would appear that a Donster administration would bring back the good old days of bully diplomacy which made the US of A so respected around the world, "back in the day". And why would a president D.T. do something like that? Because right at this very moment the rest of the world is laughing at the US according to the Donald, and this makes him feel sad. And apparently when Don feels sad somebody has to pay the piper and that somebody is pretty much everybody else. Remember, this is a guy who borrows hundreds of millions and then is surprised and offended that he is expected to pay it back. In fact Deutsche Bank sued him for $40-million a few years back when D.T. decided that he didn't have to honour contracts because of the world-wide financial melt down that he claims it was impossible for him to have foreseen so why should he be blamed. This actually really surprised me. So the Donster feels that everybody who lost their homes due to the financial mismanagement of Wall Street should not have lost them because there was no way for all those folks to have seen it coming? No, I don't believe that, I just don't think that the Donster thought before speaking.

Okay, this is just all babble-goop anyway. The Donster has no intention of running for the presidency of the United States. First off, he knows that nobody would take him seriously. I mean, honestly. Buddy's a clown. He might as well work on Fox as a commentator. "No Brains, All Mouth!" (they can use that if they want, no charge). Secondly he has his little TV show with huge stars like Meatloaf and Joan Rivers on it. What caught my eye was the fact that there are people out there who said they would vote for him (probably the same sorts of people who think that children's beauty pageants are not sick and perverted). One has to assume that these people also believe in the D.T. philosophy in take oil from whoever has it, and this is a little bit of a concern for me because the country that the US gets most of it's oil from is (I'm putting it in code so that the people who think the Donster would be a good president don't find out where it is)... Well, it starts with "sea" and it rhymes with "anada". Mum's the word.

Anyway... Humouroceros


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