Saturday, March 19, 2011


Ok, seriously? I mean, really? For that 97% of the human race who do not believe in brain-dead stupidity I present the concept of-----THE "SUPERMOON"! Ah yes, just when you think it is impossible for dumbnicity to get any more intensely dumber along comes something like "Supermoon", and unlike most of your more wall-eyed space concepts, this one is "based" on actual astronomy. Today's full moon (March 19, 2011) will be when the moon is at it's closest to the Earth. The moon will be about 221,500 miles away (the average distance is about 239,000 miles) which is the closest it will be for another five and a half years.So, it will be about 30% brighter in the sky and it will appear approximately 15% larger than usual. Tides may be a little higher than usual, and that is about as wild as it is going to get. Gosh.

Of course there are the usual gang of dim-wits out there who need to try to make this "supermoon" thing out to be something it is not. These are the usual fuzz tongues cretins who see doom everywhere and who are offended when one politely points out just how astoundingly stupid they are. As an example: there are these "supermoonies" who say that the X-mas eve tsunami in 2004 that killed over a quarter million people was caused by a "supermoon". This is what rational people call "bull-shit". Yes the moon was full at the time, but it was also about as far away from the Earth in it's orbit as it can get at the time. A pretty good example of how facts can get in the way of a stupid story.

The March 11 earthquake and tsunami in Japan is another good example. The usual crew of babble-heads who are squawking about how the upcoming "supermoon" caused the original earthquake should maybe jerk their heads out of their asses and ponder the fact that March 11 and March 19 (the date of the "supermoon") are actually eight days apart. In many societies this is more than a week and in fact at that particular time (March 11) the moon was not particularly close to the Earth, and it was also not in alignment with the sun, meaning that any fictional "supermoon"/earthquake connection would have been at it's lowest. Odd yet true.

Looking over my "supermoon""research" I am struck by two things. First off, is this all put about and supported by the same crowd that believe all that 2012 nonsense? It would seem likely what with both stories are all doom and gloom as well as being totally unsupported by the facts, and by 'facts' I mean 'true facts'. The second thing was, would it be possible to name all moon based phenomena after DC comic-book superheroes? A couple that occurred to me right off the bat were, "Batmoon", which is pretty obvious, and "Aquamoon", which is less obvious but which ties in nicely with the moon/tide connection. But that is enough for now. Carry on.

Anyway... Humouroceros


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