Sunday, April 17, 2011

Bloc Quebecois-heads

Okay, so the Lib and the Con leaders are heading out here to the true west of British Columbia to woo the voters (ie: lie like the steaming piles of poop they are) and I could probably remember the name of some of the local candidates if I tried, maybe, but one fellow I haven't heard about heading out here is the beloved leader of the Block Quebecois, Gilles Duceppe. Now old Gill wants the top job as much as anyone, you can see it in his eyes. The eyes of a tiger, or as our French friends say, Il a les yeux d'un tigre et les boules d'un petit minou. My thing is that I don't know who the local candidate for the Bloc is. Mind you that I am as much of a separatist as the next guy, "Bug Off Quebec" is my motto, "Get out and take your whiny crap with you!" Reasonable, no? So, who is the local candidate?

I would hate to think that the only candidates for the Bloc are in Quebec, I mean wouldn't that be racist or supporting the terrorists or something? The rest of Canada isn't quite good enough for you, Gill? Fair enough. You are a big boy and I support you in that. Quebec off and on it's own, and none of that weak-kneed simplicity about Sovereignty Association or whatever that BS was. Quebec can make it on it's own, right? They don't need big brother Canada watching out for them. Quebec passports, Quebec money, Quebec embassies all around the world, yeah! You go girl! Anyway, Gill, who is my local candidate? Just send a list of all the BC candidates and I will pick my local one. Gill, you have my vote, oh yeah!

Anyway... Humouroceros


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