Friday, June 18, 2010

Naked and down in Kennebacasis Valley High

My name should be 'Dick' and I don't have
a sense of humour

Three students from Kennebacasis Valley high-school in the great province of New Brunswick took the frivolity and hi-jinks that is graduation a little too far early this week and wearing only their birthday suits and some face-masks took a short run throughout the school. The school Principal, Bob Munro, took the frivolity and hi-jinks to the next level and banned the students from all graduation ceremonies including the prom. Then just to show that he knows how to hi-jinks old school, Bob contacted the local police and he says that a file has been opened on these students. Bob, your name should have been Dick because that is what you are behaving.

When I first heard about this story I thought it must have come from south of the 49th since it seems like the sort of thing some ultra-conservative self-righteous jag-off from some backwards rat-nest of intolerance would do. Well I guess we have those creeps up here in the Great White North too. This guy seems to have delusions of being like the old-style Abraham God where one little mistake could get you sent to Hell for all eternity. Bob, or 'Dick', has made the decision to have charges filed against these kids, charges which could now follow them around for the rest of their lives, because of a prank. A prank, by the way, with a relatively low death count.

Personally I thought that banning them from their graduation activities was too much, but then I am sure that Bob, or 'Dick', is way more edumacated than I are and I are sure that a man as smart like that could have come up with a punishment that would have deterred this from happening again, so short of flogging or decapitation this must have been the best punishment option, correct? But of course the ban is just easier and requires less thought, and the police thing must have required even lesser thought yet which makes me wonder if Bob, or 'Dick', is possibly lazy as well as being a dick.

Next week Bob (or 'Dick') will be meeting with the students parents to "discuss the matter", although I wonder if it is going to be one of those "you are failures as parents and if you beg enough I'll pretend to be a reasonable man, and not a dick" meetings I have heard about, you know, where Bob, or 'Dick', preens because he is holding all the cards, which is a bad place for a pompous toad like Bob, or 'Dick', to be. He has said that he is willing to consider another form of 'consequence' for these students if one he considers suitable is suggested by the students or their families. "I'll have to determine if there is going to be, from the students' suggestion, a replacement consequence for their inappropriate act." However, as Dick, or 'Bob' also says,"... when you leave it to the last day of school, there's going to be some consequences and now it's up to them to offer me some suggestions other than what has been offered." Sure, and a little bit of boot-licking might be just right up your alley too, right? Party on, dick.

Anyway... Humouroceros


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