Friday, June 11, 2010

Baghdad Bob

Where is Baghdad Bob these days? As we all remember, he was the Iraqi information officer who, when the US army was moving in to Baghdad, claimed that everything was good and the Iraqi army was about the wipe out the USers. It was good humour in a bad time and there are times when I think we could use Bob's particular form of information. Busted deep-water oil well pouring oil into the Gulf of Mexico, destroying the environment and the economies of the Southern coast states. Bob would say it's all good and that fish and birds thrive on oil and the oil also makes the shrimp even saltier. So I was wondering if Bob was now the head of BP (the owners of the disaster in the Gulf), but I don't really think so. So, what is Bob up to these days? I hope he isn't in some detention center. That would be a pretty unfortunate precedent to set, sending press secretaries to jail for lying. Yep, that would be some kind of awkward.

Anyway... Humouroceros

Ok, now that's just mean.


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