Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Intelligent Design?

As anybody who is capable of chewing gum and walking at the same time knows, Intelligent Design is the largest pile of crap to come down the pipes since the great roughage catastrophe hit Toronto in early 2003. My problem is that I tend to give people and ideas the benefit of the doubt. Instead of saying, “what a steaming pile of brainless crud” the first time I heard this “theory”, I thought to myself, “Well let’s just give it a chance. Sure, it looks as though this is just a pathetic attempt by religious folk to create doubt about the theory of evolution and natural selection, both of which are gaining even more scientific proof day by day, by claiming falsely that Intelligent Design is just another possibility, the possibility being that we and all we know was designed by some greater being, who couldn’t possibly have been God (that would be dishonest), but rather merely some being who just happens to be greater than us. Of course looking at the Intelligent Design theory, which says that everything is just a little too complicated to have “just happened”, raises for me an interesting point; let’s just say for a second that the Intelligent Design people are right. Everything was designed by an intelligence much greater than our own. Who is to say that this intelligence was working on it’s own? Obviously this would indicate a willingness to admit the possibility that the idea of one monolithic god is just plain silly.” As this makes clear, I am not a fan of knee-jerk reactions. I prefer to think things through for myself before making a decision.

This one could have taken a while too, at least a weekend if I wasn’t too busy otherwise. In fact it took a lot less time than that for me since I consider the entire Intelligent Design theory to be basically dishonest. Of course when Intelligent Design folk talk about a designer they mean god, or more specifically, God, that buddy from the big three religions (Jewish, Catholic, Islam, in order of age), they just aren’t honest enough to admit it. Still, over the years I have thought about it every so often, just to stay limber, and it still doesn’t make even a little bit of sense. The latest thought I had about it was while I was watching the starlings as they poked their way through the grass out back. They seemed pretty intent on what they were up to and every so often one would get really excited and would take off for parts unknown. I thought to myself, if there had been an intelligent designer wouldn’t he (or she) (or it) have made is so the starlings would pick the weeds out in my yard so I wouldn’t have to use a herbicide? Now that would have been an intelligent design! Just one more nail in the coffin of Intelligent Design I guess (like it needed any more.) Bang!

Anyway… Humouroceros


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