Saturday, April 18, 2009


Came across the Internet term "flame" a while back, looked it up, thought, "yeah, dorks" and pretty much left it at that. Everything has it's weak-kneed giddy-twerps who just have to put in their two-cents worth, especially when their particular two-cents worth is grossly over-valued. Anybody who has ever bothered to look at web-site comments or to look in on any forums that may look interesting will have no doubt run across flametardic comments. These are the comments by "people" who post all the "you think that, you must be a moron" type comments. You know, personal attacks. You know, they're dip-wads.

Looking back over my own checkered past, Internet-wise, have I ever been flamed? Yes, actually. It was on a forum regarding a Canadian book-store chain removing the sofas and comfy chairs from their stores because of health concerns. I commented (behind the utterly clever web-name of 'Flip Moran') that while I personally didn't use the chairs or sofas I liked them as they could be considered part of the customer service. A person who said that they worked in one of these stores in Toronto said that if I had to clean these chairs and sofas every day maybe I wouldn't be liking them so much since they were always covered with various bodily fluids and I must be really stupid. Obviously this person was really passionate about what she was writing, right? If people in Toronto are constantly going into bookstores to urinate, masturbate and drool (in that order?), well that is kind of gross and I wouldn't want to have to deal with it. Not without a cattle-prod anyway. So I made the rookie mistake of going back to the forum to explain myself. I said that as I lived quite a way away from one of these stores I just liked the ambiance that the sofas and chairs projected in the store. Then I really got blasted. Apparently I am a whiny little bitch and I shouldn't be blaming other people for where I live and since I don't live near one of these stores I don't have the right to have an opinion. That response was signed "Idontlikewhinypeople". Being a slow learner I finally figured out that these folks were not interested in a reasoned discussion. It was just name calling and insults without actually having the nerve to do it face to face, but that's fine. My last response to the response was, "Dear Whinypeople; When they took out your sense of humour, did it hurt? Your friend; Flip". I haven't bothered to go on any forums since because I have better things to do and my tolerance for 'dumb' has gone way down these past few years.

It's just that the personal attacks on someone who is willing to discuss things like grown-ups without even bothering to think are offensive. Knee-jerk reactions (with the emphasis on 'jerk') are not worth the paper they are written on. And being a big-man behind a keyboard is just sad. My image of these sad little people is of someone living in their mommy's basement who are on the computer sixteen out of twenty-four hours in a day as they are incapable of dealing with other people face to face. You know, scum-turds infested with butt-maggots. Terrible, terrible. Maybe one day there will be a vaccine? One can only hope. If I were superstitious I would pray for them.

Anyway... Humouroceros


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