Saturday, April 11, 2009

Billy Bob; and, scene

Billy Blob's band has canceled the remainder of it's tour of Canada, or to be a little more accurate, they have probably been booted from the opening slot of Willie Nelson's tour. Of course it is just speculation that they were tossed from the tour, but I think it's a pretty good guess as Willie Nelson is a professional who has paid his dues, and Billy Bob is a dick. As has been extensively covered in the world press this past while, Billy went full-on peckerhead on the CBC radio show Q a couple of days ago, and while the host Jian Ghomeshi treated Billy professionaly this was a little more that poor old Billy was capable of. Billy displayed his 'chops' by being a jerk for 15-minutes straight, leaving it to the rest of his band to pick up his slack. Well on one hand you can see the problem, what with a huge mega-star like Billy Bob Thornton having to talk to the little people, but on the other hand, he is a jag-off.

So the story is that they opened for Willie Nelson at Massey Hall in Toronto and when Billy mentioned the radio show onstage there were boos and people were heard to call out, "Here comes the gravy." I guess when Billy said that his band was used to people throwing things he didn't mean throwing insults at his-own-dumb-self. Well, poop. My thought is that Willie Nelson's people would have noticed this and as Willie does not need losers sharing the stage with him, Billy's band was asked to bug off. It is sort of surprising that a mega-huge-star such as Billy couldn't just make a few phone calls and set up a tour of his own, but that's showbiz I guess. But then maybe that was plan 'A', and now they had to fall back to plan 'B' which was where Willie Nelson's web-site wrote up a note saying that Billy's band had to cancel, "due to one band member and several of the crew having the flu." (This same note is on the Boxmaster's site as well.) Of course none of Willies people are sick, and if they are they are carrying on. Of course, as I said earlier, Willie is a pro.

So this stupidly ugly little saga is oozing to an end. Billy probably still doesn't understand just how much of a dick he has shown himself to be, but when you are just entitled to peoples respect rather than having to earn it, that is the way it goes sometimes. Tough luck there, Billy. How long until you show up on Fox News claiming that it was all just taken out of context and what a bunch of whiners and lefties Canadians are? Won't be too long, I suspect.

Anyway... Humouroceros

PS: Hey Billy, I hear that you are afraid of antiques. Does that mean you scream ever time you look in a mirror? Ha!

Billy the dick, and "friends"


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