Thursday, April 09, 2009

Billy and the Box-liners

Ah yes, the age of entitlement is alive and well and it's latest "celebrity" embodiment is named Billy Bob Thornton (taking over from Miley Cyrus who was going to "destroy" the band Radiohead because they wouldn't meet with her. Of course Miley is what, 16-years old?) Poor old Billy had his mellow harshed this week in an interview on the show Q on the CBC. Host Jian Ghomeshi kept asking him all these questions, and he had to be up at, like, 6:00 AM, and he couldn't show how cool he was by smoking cigarettes, and it was, like, a total nightmare for poor old Billy. Gosh, the things a "celebrity" has to put up with these days.

Apparently Billy took offence when Ghomeshi mentioned that Billy, in addition to being in a band, was also an actor, director and screenwriter (for which he won an Academy Award, proving that the Acadamy Award standards are pretty low I guess), and went all full-on Joaquin Phoenix, playing the spoiled celebrity card for all it was worth. The celebrisnit lasted for the entire interview with Billy showing just how much of a dick he could be (this was especially jam-ass since it was only a few years ago when Billy was asked if it was difficult being a nice guy. "Not for me," the liar answered. Funny thing but the same article where I read that [at from November 24, 2006] also called Billy "Hollywood's go-to guy". I think the phrase they were actually looking for was "toad".) Billy eventually tugged out his full colours when he said, "you were instructed not to talk about that." Oh dear, it must be a real trial for huge celebrities like Billy when the peons don't follow orders. Why can't the little people just do what they are told?

It looks as though it slowly filtered through Billy's "brain" that maybe he wasn't coming across so well, so then he began to attack his band's fans in Canada. They are "very reserved" Billy mumbled, comparing them to "mashed potatoes, but no gravy." They also don't "throw things". Hey there, Billy, maybe that'll change now. Duck! Then at the end of the interview the band was going to play a song live, but Billy didn't want to take part because he doesn't cart his drums around at 6:00 AM (I'd be willing to bet that Billy doesn't ever cart his drums around. That is not what huge stars like him do) so the rest of the band performed without him. Well, it looks like they're not so much a band as they are Billy's employees. They are also way more professional than he is. That would be the difference between a real musician and a wanna-be, I guess.

You know what Billy, don't feel that you have to hurry back or anything.

Anyway... Humouroceros

PS: I am not a big fan of Jian Ghomeshi. I don't mind him, and his show Q has had some amazing guests on it at times, but I find that his style of interviewing sometimes tends to be that he sounds more interested in showing how intelligent his questions are, than he is in hearing the answer. This is just my opinion, and I still will be listening to Q when there is someone on who I would like to hear, and Jian has a radio show and I don't. I also hear there was something between him and Memo-girl on the CBC. Lucky guy. So there.

Billy Bob Thornton - sunglasses don't make you look cool, old man.


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