Wednesday, April 15, 2009

And the gloves hit the ice...

The gloves are off, the writ has dropped and it's on, baby. Our hugely popular (in some circles), debonair (for a hillbilly) and hardly intoxicated at all Premier (known to his friends as Hiz'onour Gord Campbell) spent a wild and woolly 20-minutes pitching a fit at the luxurious mansion of the Lieutenant Governor of BC (AKA: His Honour the Right Honourable Stephen Price.) "I can't work with those bums no more," Gordo is rumored to have bellowed as he entered the building, spitting on the floor and stealing an early '60s ashtray, "for later." L-G Price calmed the Premier down with a few quick jabs and the next thing you know, just like magic, the 38th parliament of the Legislative Assembly has been dissolved and it's mud-slinging time.

It's early day(s) yet but so far it would appear that the opposition NDP (the New Democratic Party) is claiming that the ruling Liberals are all 'steaming piles of crap', while on the other hand the ruling Liberals are calling the opposition NDP a 'steaming pile of crap.' Flip flop, flop flip and we'll just have to keep our eyes open to see which is telling the truth (I suspect they both are.) In the third corner is the Green Party, but they're just going for the sympathy vote and wouldn't it be nice if everybody could just get along? Yeah, whatever, hippies. Like, go hug a tree or something and let the adults get back to ruining the province. Punks.

And just to spice the pot a bit this election time, there will also be a province wide referendum on the STV, which while it sounds like a sexually transmitted disease is actually the what-cha-ma-call-it for the Single Transferable Vote. This is a method of vote tabulation which one side says if it wins it will spell the end of democracy as we know it and the fall of western civilization. Of course those in favour of it say that if it does not pass then it will be the end of democracy as we know it and western civilization will fall. Sounds like a "you say potato, I say potato" thing to me. I don't know but it might be exciting, if you are excited by that sort of thing.

So there it is. Keep a weather-eye peeled for politicians of various stripes tromping all over your lawn and remember, don't use mouse-traps to catch politicians. Use rat-traps. They're bigger and they hurt a whole lot more.

Anyway... Humouroceros


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